Tricresyl phosphate

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Tricresyl phosphate

Product name:Tricresyl phosphate
CAS: 1330-78-5
Molecular Formula: CH21H21O4P(CH3C6H4O)3PO
Molecular Weight: 368.36
Product description:Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid. Odourless, strong stability, less volatile, has good plasticizing flame resistance, oil resistance, electrical insulation, easy workability. Insoluble in water, soluble in benzene, alcohol, ether, vegetable oil, mineral oil and other organic solvents. This product is an important of vinyl resin and nitrocellulose plasticizer, used in the paint film can increase the flexibility, it has excellent intermiscibility, synthetic rubber, PVC, polyester, polyolefin and soft polyurethane foam plastics flame retardants. This product can give high polymer good abrasion resistance, weatherability, mildew resistance, radiation resistance and electric properties. Can also be used as a gasoline additive, lubricating oil additive and hydraulic oil.


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