Isopropyl palmitate

Asia Bio-Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Isopropyl palmitate

Product name:Isopropyl palmitate
CAS: 142-91-6
Molecular Formula:C19H38O2
Molecular Weight: 298.5038
Product description:1. Can be used for oil in the skin care and hair care products. Can also be used as a flavoring solubilizer. In the decomposition of beauty products can be used as a suspending agent, which is beneficial to evenly, make the skin produces soft feeling and increase resistance to wipe. In hair dye, sunscreen and antimicrobial agent added, foam stability. Used as emollients, oil carrier, solvent. 2. Is a good emollients, used in cosmetics, can increase the coating of cosmetics, make the skin smooth with no greasy feeling, can be used for cream, foundation cream, suntan oil, hair oil, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and so on in the formula.


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