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Product name:Isobutyraldehyde
CAS: 78-84-2
Molecular Formula: C4H8O
Molecular Weight: 72.1057
Product description:1. Butyl aldehyde used as n-butyl aldehyde. Isobutyl alcohol industry mainly hydrogenation production. Isobutyl alcohol can be used as substitute of n-butyl alcohol in some ways. Isobutyl aldehyde and formaldehyde via addition reaction generated three methyl aldehyde, hydrogenation generation neopentyl glycol, used as the material of varnish, resin, fiber and lubricant; Isobutyl aldehyde and reaction of urea can slow release nitrogen fertilizer; In addition, also as the intermediate of medicine such as amino acid, vitamin. Carbonyl synthesis in proportion at the same time get n-butyl aldehyde and isobutyl aldehyde, consumption balance situation is still isobutyl aldehyde supply exceeds demand, the very large amounts of isobutyl aldehyde is used as a fuel. 2. Used in the synthesis of cellulose ester, essence, perfume, etc., often used in baked goods, meat products, the frosting.


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