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Product name: Glutaraldehyde
CAS: 111-30-8
Molecular Formula: Glutaraldehyde
Molecular Weight: 100.12
Product description:Irritating odor colorless transparent oily liquid, soluble in hot water. Used as a fungicide, also used in leather tanning. To the eyes, skin and mucous membrane has a strong stimulus.Used for disinfection, pharmaceutical, tanning, used as an electron microscope and color picture tube of requests. The goods used to produce the central stimulants mountain terrier vegetables alkali hydrochloride. Glutaraldehyde is a quick-acting, broad spectrum of chemical sterilization agent, aqueous solution at room temperature and low concentration of glutaraldehyde can show many microorganisms activity, the reproduction of bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, pathogenic fungi and bacteria, bacillus have high sterilization effect


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