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Product name:Diphenylcarbazide
CAS: 140-22-7
Molecular Formula: C13H14N4O
Molecular Weight: 242.28
Product description:A white crystalline powder. The melting point of 175-175.5 ℃. Soluble in alcohol, acetone and glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in water. The gradient of red in the air.Used as a indicator titration time of iron. Colorimetric determination of chromium, mercury and lead, cadmium, mercury, magnesium, aldehydes and alkali soil root. Determine the chloride dichromate reduction indicator. Mercury method was developed for the determination of chloride and cyanide adsorption indicator. (as chromogenic agent for spectrophotometric method determination of chromium and verification of Cu2 +, Fe3 +, such as Hg2 + chromogenic agent. Also used for oxidation reduction, adsorption and coordination titration indicator.) .


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