Didecyl phthalate

Asia Bio-Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Didecyl phthalate

Product name:Didecyl phthalate
CAS: 84-77-5
Molecular Formula: C28H46O4
Molecular Weight: 446.68
Product description:DIDP is excellent high temperature resistant, aging resistant performance of the main plasticizer. Its resistance to volatilize, migration, extraction resistance, good electrical insulation, good mechanical performance, flexible with the temperature change is small, suitable for wide range of temperature of the products. Because the product high temperature resistant, low volatility, good electrical insulation performance, a large number of used in high temperature (75 ° c) cable, car inner decoration materials, conveyor belt and other products. This product is used in plasticized paste can give the flow of the paste good staying power, to store the viscosity changes little. This product also can be used as a synthetic rubber plasticizer, no influence of rubber vulcanization.


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