2-Butyl alcohol

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2-Butyl alcohol

Product name:2-Butyl alcohol
CAS: 78-92-2
Molecular Formula: C4H10O
Molecular Weight: 74.12
Product description:Colorless transparent flammable liquid, there is similar to the smell of wine.As the intermediate of production of methyl ethyl ketone, used in the system of butyl acetate, sec-butyl, etc. As an emulsifier, dye dispersants, dehydrating agent, paint remover, industrial detergents, etc. Also used as a plasticizer, dressing agent, herbicide and oil extraction agent, wetting agent, spice, etc. Because of sec-butyl alcohol can increase the workability of the coating and ductility, so it can be used as a nitro paint, lacquer thinner cosolvent. 2. It is mainly used in preparation of banana, butter, and cheese flavor of whisky.3. Used as a solvent and chromatographic analysis of standard substances. 4. Used in the manufacture of methyl ethyl ketone, used as the material of synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc, also used as a solvent.


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